We noticed there are quite a lot of questions about renting a room or a flat. A first tip is to ask information at the school you are going to. They might have agreements with some landlords to rent out

General information

Prices of accommodation will vary depending of the area/neighborhoods you want to live in! The houses in the city center are more expensive then the area’s around it. If you want cheaper accommodation you could look for housing outside of the “Leien”, which are the main streets that form the center of the city. It might be a little bit further from where everything is happening such as schools, bars and shopping, but Antwerp isn’t that big, the transport is good and you can always rent or buy a bike for a good price at a second hand store/market.

A second thing that influences the price of the room is the type of accommodation you’re looking for. The first and cheapest type of accommodation is a normal “student room” – it’s a room with a bed, closet and a desk – bathroom and kitchen will be shared with other students. This is the way most students in Antwerp live. The average price for a room in Antwerp was estimated at 320 euro’s per month (according to a Flemish newspaper). 

Then there are studios; it’s a little bit bigger then a student room and has its own bathroom and kitchen and because of that they are a little bit more expensive. Then there is a flat or an apartment, where you have all the luxury you need but these kinds of places are the most expensive – if there is more than one bedroom you can share flats.

The cheapest places you’d be able to find are probably in the student halls of the University of Antwerp, they are generally cheaper then rooms from private owners but also smaller, less modern and gone really fast. 

-- NEW --

 From this year on, ESN Antwerp signed a partnership deal with Campus Opera. Campus Opera is an organisation that has one building right next to the Roosevelt Place. It is a very modern place with nice rooms with their own bathrooms, a very big shared kitchen on the ground floor, courtyard, own library to study at and a safe garage to storage bikes etc in. They will devote more rooms to host Erasmus students in the future and we are delighted to hear that since accommodation can be hard to find. 

Contact Info :
Frankrijklei 43
2000 Antwerpen (stad)

0472 60 89 74

School related

  • University of Antwerp
    If you'll be studying at the University of Antwerp, you can contact the following person who might be able to help you along with accommodation:

    City Campus, office E. 121
    Grote Kauwenberg 2, BE-2000 Antwerpen
    Ms. Martine Depauw, martine.depauw@uantwerpen.be
    Opening hours: each working day, not on Wednesdays
    More information about housing of the University can be found at the following site : https://www.uantwerp.be/en/campus-life/housing/
  • Artesis
    Artesis also offers help with finding accommodation, matching up in & outgoing Erasmus students. You can get more information about that over here:http://www.artesis.eu/internationalrelations/accommodation.htm

Students room database

The biggest site with rooming information (also available in English) is this one : http://www.studentkotweb.be/en

Although most are looking for one-year students; it might be possible to find something here.

This one is in Dutch, but on the top right corner you can change the language with Google translate: http://ikot.be/kot-Antwerpen

Then there is a dutch one with a lot of information, but you'll need google translate or such to use it.  http://www.opkotinantwerpen.be/

Here is another one in dutch, you’ll need google to translate. http://www.kotfinder.be/waar-op-kot-gaan/53-koten-in-antwerpen.html

Here is one page with more then 10 rooms that had an English version, you can find it here: http://www.kotfinder.be/een-kot-vinden.html?sobi2Task=sobi2Details&catid...

Here you’ll need to give in a lot of settings and information, but it could make it easier to find a place to live. 

Student rooms: private owners/organizations

This one is in English: http://www.1sf.be/

This one is in English too, and they do something they call “kotsharing”, which means that if Flemish students go on Erasmus they can contact Kotspotting to rent out their room. It’s here: http://www.kotspotting.be/EN/index2.php

This ones are (partly) in Dutch and it would be best to use Google translate for them. 




Sharing a flat