Hi there! So, you are coming on an exchange to Antwerp for the first semester... awesome! You are going to have lots of fun, that’s for sure. To enhance your exchange experience, we started a buddy system to get you mingling with the locals: - you’d have a first contact in a foreign country where you wouldn’t know anyone otherwise - you can get to know the ‘where’s’ and ‘how’s’ of Antwerp from a local student - you can integrate more easily with our local students, make more local friends and go to local parties.

So you wanna get a buddy? AWESOME! Sign up on for our buddy program with this link or check out the facebook event here:https://fb.me/e/1OIpXIBr1! And get yourself an awesome partner in crime to all your erasmus adventures!

If you're a local looking for an international friend, you can also sign up on this website, and we'll match you up with your international macaroni to your cheese!