Since we got a lot of the same questions last semester we made a FAQ for you guys!


Do you have a question... 


About housing?

We always recommend going through Kotweb to find a place. All the rooms on this site are checked by the city of Antwerp to see if they meet the standard regarding things like safety and comfort Other options are facebook pages like ‘’Kot in Antwerpen’’ or directly from a student housing website. ESN Antwerp is not personally associated with any of these though, so always be sensible when looking for a place. (If you still have questions/problems please contact STAN or your university)


About ESN events?

We regularly host events like city trips, cantus, pubs, international dinners and more. To stay up to date we recommend liking the ‘’Erasmus student network Antwerp’’ facebook page. All our new events will be posted on there. We also have our own Instagram so make sure to follow us there as well.


About getting your ESN card?

You can get your ESN card during the Welcome week (your university will arrange this) or at our office at the UAntwerp room R.009. We post office hours on our Instagram if you need an esncard after the welcome week. If you are an outgoing student to another city please contact the local ESN department if you have any questions. Before coming to the office please fill in this form


About getting your ESN discount?

When you want to get a ticket for one of our events you got to the ticketlink, select the ticket you want and then click on next. After this there will be a bar which says promo code, there you fill in your ESN number which you can find on your personal ESN card. This will give you your ESN member discount.


About our Buddy program?


Sign up on for our buddy program with this link! If you're a local looking for an international friend, you can also sign up on this website, and we'll match you up with your internation macaroni to your cheese!


Or still have nny other question?

You can always contact us or come to visit our office at the university of Antwerp building R, room 009. 

For any complicated/legal/study related questions we advise you to contact your university or Gate15 (city department for students) as we won’t be able to help you with those. If you’re curious about places to go for food, drinks, partying, shopping or a visit use this facebook page to ask the Erasmus community in Antwerp for help, they will know many more places compared to us. In the second semester we will try to make a list with the ESN volunteers favourite places to go as well.