A new project on HEIs accessibility to students with disabilities and special needs

Erasmus Student Network (ESN), applied to the European Youth Fondation of the Council of Europe for financial support for a project called MapAbility:  Mapping the HEIs (Higher Education Institutions) accessibility for students with disabilities and special needs. ESN is glad to announce that the application for MapAbility has been accepted. ESN considers this to be a great success that the organisation is very proud of and is excited to start its work on the project.

Project Description

The project aims at mapping the accessibility of European HEIs to students with disabilities and special needs. The main aim activity planned for the project is a European Conference to evaluate the process of integration of students with special needs and to enhance their inclusion to the local community. The promotion of student mobility in Higher Education is of great necessity and to facilitate an increase of student mobility among students with disabilities, socially oriented students and ExchangeAbility coordinators from each member country will gather together in Brussels to share best practices and experience, map different European universities according to their architectural barriers and accessibility and create a common vision regarding social inclusion of disabled youth in student mobility. During this 4 days meeting, the participants from 36 countries will gather together and receive trainings and workshops by experts in the field. Through specific capacity building activities and improvised simulation sessions, we aim at increasing the awareness among students to improve social inclusion for all students, regardless to their abilities or disabilities.