ESN Antwerp, short for Erasmus Student Network, is a very lively organisation of motivated international minded students from different universities and “hogescholen” in Antwerp. Most of us, like yourself, have been on an exchange programme abroad. We are convinced that the social part of such an exchange is at least as important as the studying part of your stay in Belgium. We also try to provide you with any help or information you will need that is not related to your academic work.

Our main goal is to make sure that all international students get to know each other as well as Belgian students. Therefore we have arranged an ice-breaking week, an introduction weekend, sightseeing trips, professional opportunities, cultural events,… and last but certainly not least: a lot of parties!

President: Wout Spaas -
Our president is the one that keeps an eye on everything.

Vice President : Irene Borginon-

Our vice president is the right hand of our president.

Secretary: Sarina Leduc -

Our secretary is our local matchmaker! Here to find you the perfect buddy! 

Finance: Astrid Rubben and Michaël Hillaert -

Our finance makes sure that our finances are up to date.

Party Planners: Didi Cissoko and Mehmet Ceylan  -
Guess what she does?  YES! YES! Party!!

Culture: Boris Van Itterbeeck, Jorn Van der Linden and Miguel S. Martinez -

Our culture person organises the best cultural activities for you.

Sports: Ish Bou and Gerrit Kuijt - 

Our sportsman organises the best and wildest sport activities for you.

Media: Jamina Van Maele and Astrid Rubben -
Our media control the ESN website, facebook and our mails. They also takes photos during the activities.


Public Relation: Jamina Van Maele - -

Our PR-expert keeps up the relations with our sponsors and supporters.

God mother: Didi Cissok

Bibedi, bobedi, BOOM, our god mother is here for you!