Looking for a bike to enhance your stay in Antwerp? 
Uni-Cycle provides quality vintage bikes to rent for a period from 4 to 12 months, and this at a very low price!
What are you waiting for, start exploring the city! 

Uni-Cycle’s main goal is to help international students have the best experience possible by providing them with decent bikes. Only by bike, you have the chance to fully explore the opportunities the city of Antwerp has to offer. As students, we as well know that life can be very expensive, so we focus on low prices. As a bonus, the ESNcard provides you with an additional 10% price reduction!

Some of us went on Erasmus themselves and witnessed the hassle of getting a bike first hand. That's why we are providing this service, so your stay could be even more enjoyable!
Our bikes are all second hand vintage bikes and are completely in correspondence with the Belgian traffic regulations.
So just book a bike with a few clicks, pick up your unique bike and explore the city in full freedom!